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Top 4 Red Wines You Need To Try

We have all been novices in wine sooner or later, and whether you’ve chosen you’d get a kick out of the chance to get into red as a novice, or you’ve been drinking one particular red for a considerable length of time and now need to fan out, so as to make sense of what you like, it’s vital to get a handle on a diagram of the distinctive styles that are out there.

It’s true, wine is an obtained taste and everybody’s taste is unique. Over this reality, wine radiates many fragrance aggravates that convey several one of a kind scents: from cherry sauce to old seat cowhide. So what are the best red wines to begin your experience into wine? The accompanying wines are extraordinary to use as benchmarks for essential comprehension. With hundreds of kinds of wine grapes, this is only a glimpse of a larger problem.


An incredible aspect regarding Shiraz/Syrah is that it has one of the most elevated cell reinforcement substance of any of the sorts of red wine. For wellbeing purposes, a jug of Syrah/Shiraz natural red wine will be a heart-savvy expansion to your eating routine. Syrah wines are as full-bodied as they get, with rich flavours, smooth tannins, and a liquor substance of up to 15%.
You’ll see that the kinds of an appropriate Syrah contrast as indicated by the developing locale, with probably the most widely recognized flavors including: blackberry, peppermint, vanilla, flavors.


Monastrell is a rich assortment in Spain, however it is genuinely obscure in the states. It makes a profound dull full-bodied wine with exceptionally rural notes including tar, broiled meats and tobacco smoke. Hearty flavours are the sign of Old World wine and Spanish Monastrell offers extraordinary esteems for their rich strong red wines.


The Grenache grape is developed in Spain, Australia and Southern France, where it is the essential fixing in renowned wines such Côtes du Rhône. Otherwise called Garnacha, Grenache is a wine that blends the brilliant kinds of berries with delicate corrosiveness, and regularly a trace of flavour tossed into the mix. It has a light shading, medium body, low tannins, and liquor substance can be 14%+.

Pinot Noir:

Pinot has a faction following among wine nerds on the grounds that the flavours and smells can be very amazing, the greater part of the components just cooperates so well. The wine is a light red shading in the glass, and has the lightest body of the considerable number of wines you’ll taste. When you notice the wine, you’ll regularly get smells of fruits, raspberries and cranberries.

Pinot has low tannins, so the causticity – think the pucker you get from lemonade – will truly radiate through. While New World Pinots are additionally incredible, they can regularly be “riper,” making them have a juicier flavour that can frequently taste jammy, quieting a portion of the acridity you need to understanding.

Top 4 Most Expensive Wines Ever Sold

For some, the prospect of paying $100 for a bottle of wine is much the same as lighting banknotes ablaze. Wine is, all things considered, simply natural fruit juice. How could the matured fluid of the modest grape perhaps legitimize such a sticker price?
However, to the ardent wine person, there is little contrast between a unique Dali or Degas and a Lafite or Margaux. The last two names are not specialists in the acknowledged meaning of the word, however their manifestations are intended to keep going for quite a long time and maybe move who and what is to come. They simply happen to be bottles of wine. But the wine spending plans of wine nerds are a whole lot bigger. Bought at closeout, through claim to fame stores, or even paid out by insurance agencies, these five bottles are the absolute most costly wines at any point sold.

Cheval Blanc 1947 St-Emilion:

This vintage is one of the main two wines conceded Class A status in the Classification of Saint-Emilion wine. The three-liter bottle was purchased in 2006 at Vinfolio in San Francisco at the record-commendable cost. Just 110,000 containers were delivered and a couple have made due right up ’til the present time. The mix is 50:50 Cabernet Franc and Merlot. It is considered by sommeliers as the finest Cheval Blanc in the twentieth century, oozing rich, unpredictable corrosiveness with lavish surface and a sexy flavor.

The reap year was set apart by sweltering climate with temperatures taking off to 35 degrees Celsius, yielding liberal products with high regular sugar levels.

Chateau d’Yquem:

It holds the qualification as the most costly bottle of white wine at any point sold. One of just 10 bottles of this vintage offered by the famous Sauternes maker, it was obtained by restaurateur Christian Vanneque from the Antique Wine Company in 2011 to show it behind impenetrable glass in his Indonesian wine bar, probably to stay with another uncommon d’Yquem: Vanneque had already bought a container of the 1787 vintage for $100,000.

Chateau Lafite 1787:

The most costly standard bottle of wine, this vintage is accepted to be from Thomas Jefferson’s basement. A ThJ initials are carved in the glass. The third president and one of the establishing fathers was an envoy to France and he’s said to invest much energy going by the Bordeaux and Burgundy vineyards for his wine accumulation.

Chateau Margaux 1787:

Said to be the most costly wine unsold, it’s another accumulation from Jefferson. No cash can purchase this now; a server thumped it over amid a Margaux supper at the Four Season Hotel. Discuss ruining a very long time of pausing and hypothesizing. The proprietor, New York wine vendor, William Sokolin esteemed it at $500,000, a value that had since been cheapened to “simply” $225,000, the sum paid by safety net providers for the spilled wine.

Winery Releases Loganberry Wine

Marley Farm Winery has released their newest wine, “Loganberry”, which has strong historic connections to the Saanich Peninsula. Victoria’s first winery produced loganberry wine using berries grown in Saanich and one of the producers supplying Marley Farm was a supplier to the original winery.

“As a fruit winery we were especially interested in this wine because it has historic ties to the Peninsula. Eighty years later we’re following in the footsteps of Victoria’s first winery, using local producers and upholding strict quality standards,” says Mike Marley, owner. “This wine is an excellent complement to our selection of fruit and grape wines and we hope it proves as popular as the original loganberry wine.”

The loganberry is a raspberry and blackberry cross grown on the Saanich Peninsula. Pederson Berry Farm supplied the city’s first winery, Victoria Winery – on Quadra Street and currently occupied by The Keg – when it opened in 1923. Berries are also sourced from Michell Farm and Bear Hill Farm.

“Loganberry” is sold in 375ml bottles for $9.90 and is available at Marley Farm Winery. “This wine has an intense loganberry nose, smooth, fresh, zesty and clean with a long finish.,” says Eric von Krisigk, Winemaker. “Loganberry will work well with Italian flat bread, quiche, duck, turkey and soft cheeses such as camembert.”

Marley Farm Winery, the only fruit winery on Vancouver Island, is a family-run boutique winery located on a working farm at 1831D Mt. Newton Cross Road. The winery’s first harvest was in 2002 and the first estate wines were released in 2003. The tasting room is open to drop-in visitors six days a week from 1 to 5PM Tuesday to Friday and 11AM – 5PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Media Contact:
Danielle Marley, Manager Heather Leary, Public Relations
P: 250-652-8667 250-385-2285

Marley Farm Winery Releases Artisan Vinegar Series

Marley Farm Winery launched two ‘artisan vinegars’ week, the first in a series of four to be released this spring. Hand-crafted by winemaker Eric von Krosigk, vinegars receive as much care and attention as Marley Farm wine and artfully capture a variety of unique and subtle fruit flavors. And in the spirit of artistic creation, Marley Farm Vinegar labels feature an original work of art that captures the imagination and whimsy of the nine-year-old artist.

“We felt this piece really captured the spirit of our vinegars,” says Mike Marley, owner. “Like an artist, we’re particular about the finished product. Because we’ll release no vinegar before it’s time we have held two for release later this spring. It’s worth the short wait.”

Flavors currently available include Kiwi, a fresh, crisp vinegar, perfect for splashing on salads while blueberry, a fruity vinegar with a hint of spice, makes an excellent marinade. Peach and bumbleberry vinegars will be released at the end of March. All vinegars begin as one year old Marley Farm wine and spend some time in old French oak barrels before they are hand-bottled. Winery visitors are encouraged to taste the vinegars as well as the wines. “People are surprised at how subtle the vinegars are,” says Marley.

The vinegar labels feature the art of Jessica Pollard, age nine, a student of Michelle Miller. Art students were asked to submit a drawing for the vinegar labels and the variety of imaginative submissions made choosing one a difficult task. A piece by Nathen Hanovsek, also age nine, was chosen for the Gold Series, Marley Farm’s line of dessert wines.

Marley Farm vinegars are sold in 375ml bottles for $11.90 and are available at Marley Farm Winery. Recipes and suggested uses are posted with the vinegars. See for details on Marley Farm wines and vinegars.

Marley Farm Winery, the only fruit winery on Vancouver Island, is a family-run boutique winery located on a working farm at 1831D Mt. Newton Cross Road. The winery’s first harvest was in 2002 and the first estate wines were released in 2003. Marley Farm Winery is open Tuesday to Friday from 1 – 5PM and Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 5PM. Beginning May 1 Marley Farm Winery is open seven days a week from 11AM to 6PM.

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